About CRD Protection AB
CRD Protection AB offers companies and individuals support and assistance with security advice and consultation.

CRD Protections consultants have backgrounds from the police, the armed forces, insurance and finance industry with long experience in handle and investigating organized crime, including specialist functions at both the national police, the criminal police and the northern police region. Our consultants have education and experience in intelligence gathering, intelligence work, surveillance, technical surveillance, different investigation methodologies, investigation of serious crimes, analysis work and more.

Our consultants also have experience and education in cause of fire investigations, internal crime, financial crime and fraud. The consultants have expertise with a focus on personal safety and risk management as educators in various municipalities and industry organizations around Sweden. We also have certified security managers with expertise in both operational and strategic security work.

We can assist with customized security training (e.g. conflict management, conversation technique, threats & violence etc.) under the guidance of course leaders with police background and multi-year experience in security work at both operational and strategic levels. 

We can assist with risk and vulnerability analyses regarding potential criminal acts against a person or property. This as a standalone analysis or as a part of the company’s overall risk analysis.

We can assist with investigative work on suspicion or finding of internal and/or external crime. Within our investigative work, we can also assist with expertise linked to accident investigations, fire cause investigations, financial crime, fraud and insurance cases.

Secret surveillance
As a part of our investigative work, we can assist with secret surveillance and intelligence gathering in order to investigate irregularities against companies or individuals.

Systematic security work
We can assist your organization in the systematic security work as a hired consultant or as an interim solution. The systematic safety work includes, for example, everything from design of policies and guidelines to internal audits.

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