LazrBloc lens

PRECISION DUAL-BAND LASER PROTECTION – Blocks up to 99.7% of 532nm green laser energy, and stops 99% of hazardous 808 nm near-infrared (NIR) radiation, an invisible component of green lasers

SUPERIOR LIGHT TRANSMISSION & COLOR RECOGNITION – Formulated to enable the highest level of visible light transmission and color recognition to maintain mission critical situational awareness, achieving 50% photopic and 25% scotopic light transmission

INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES – Lenses made of indestructible, optical grade polycarbonate that can be interchanged quickly for various light conditions and provide 100% protection from harmful  UV-A-B-C rays

BALLISTIC PROTECTION – High-impact polycarbonate lenses exceed military ballistic impact requirements

FLAWLESS OPTICS – Precision manufactured lenses ensure distortion-free vision RUGGED DURABILITY – Eye protection that lasts, performs and protects through all the rigors of riot control, tactical and combat operations

ANTI-FOG – OcuMax® Plus is proven to be the #1 anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating in the world, and it resists a wide variety of chemicals, including DEET (available on StingerHawk and Exoshield Systems as well as Revision’s Goggle lines)

MULTI-PLATFORM LENS AVAILABILITY – Manufactured for Revision’s full slate of military and tactical spectacle and goggle line


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