The LRAD 500RX is an integrated communication and perimeter security system for power facilities, ports, large industrial plants and other critical infrastructure, and maritime vessels. The LRAD 500RX is controlled remotely across an IP network enabling system operators to respond to potential threats from a safe environment with a fully functional unmanned perimeter security solution.

The LRAD 500RX controller’s easy to use interface enables operators to visually identify a potential threat through the live video feed, position the 500RX and deliver powerful voice warnings and deterrent tones. The ability of the LRAD 500RX to immediately interact with potential threats provides security personnel more time and information to assess situations and appropriately scale their response.

Featuring an integrated camera, high-intensity searchlight (optional) and robust, IP-addressable full pan and tilt drive for precise aiming and tracking, the LRAD 500RX can also be integrated with radar to provide automated intruder alerts and responses. The LRAD 500RX reduces manpower, false alarms and resolves uncertain situations with a highly effective, cost efficient, remote first responder security solution.


Maximum Continuous Output: 149 dBA SPL @ 1m
Maximum range: 2 000 m
Operational range (>88 dBA)  650 m
Sound projection: 30°
Dimensions: 914 x 1040 x 546 mm
Weight: 80,0 kg
Power source: External 48 VDC

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