TACRION© Reinforced

TACRION© Reinforced has the same design as standard TACRION© but with a core of stainless steel in every mesh. The steel core only ads 14kg and 10% more volume.

The TACRION© design makes it an extremely mobile and lightweight high-performance fence. TACRION© Reinforced has a high force absorption which can quickly and easily be mounted between two fixed points to create an effective barrier to prevent or control riots. The system can be deployed between many different objects such as containers, armoured vehicles, buildings, trees, pillars etc.

TACRION© Reinforced can also be supplemented with a number of accessories for improved capability such as anti-climb systems, counter observation or communication screen, concertina integration kit and even ballistic protection. It’s an extremely flexible and compact product and is easily stored in four units.

A 35m x 2,5m TACRION© Reinforced is deployed and assembled within 5 minutes by 6 people.


Flame resistance: yes
Total system Weight: 183 kg
Size/bag 1/unit: 110cm x 75cm x 80cm
Size/bag 2/unit: 150cm x 15cm x 20cm
Size/bag 3/unit: 70cm x 20cm x 40cm
Size/bag 4/unit: 70cm x 20cm x 40cm
  • Concertina Integration Kit
  • Anti-Climb
  • Anti-knife Protection
  • Counter Observation Cover
  • Signboards
  • Ballistic Protection System
  • Wall Attachment System

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