Lrad 100X, CRD Protection
Lrad 100X, CRD Protection

LRAD 100X is the leading portable AHD for On-Scene and Tactical Communications

In addition to featuring best in class broadcast voice intelligibility, the LRAD 100X is 20 – 30 decibels louder than typical bullhorns and vehicle-based P.A. systems.

Live or recorded broadcasts from LRAD 100X are heard above crowd and background noise to ensure every message is clearly delivered. The LRAD warning tone safely alerts attention to the voice messages that follow, establishes large standoff zones, and is the safer crowd control alternative to non-lethal and kinetic measures.

Maximum Continuous Output: 137 dBA SPL @ 1m
Maximum range: 600 m
Operational range (>88 dBA): 250 m
Sound projection: 30°
Dimensions: 356 x 356 x 165 mm
Weight: 6,8 kg
Power Source: Internal battery

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