Compact, lightweight and designed for applications ranging from fixed security installations to mid-sized vehicles and vessels, the LRAD 500X easily mounts and transports to provide law enforcement, homeland security, and defense personnel unparalleled long-range communication and scalable non-lethal, non-kinetic Escalation of Force.

The U.S. Navy and U.S. Army’s acoustic hailing device (AHD) of choice for small vessels and vehicles, the extended frequency range of the LRAD 500X ensures broadcasts are clearly heard and understood on the ground, from the air or at sea in all environments.

Maximum Continuous Output: 143 dBA SPL @ 1m
Maximum range: 2 000 m
Operational range (>88 dBA)  650 m
Sound projection: Variable, 15° or 30°
Dimensions: 635 x 635 x 305 mm
Weight: 20,0 kg
Power source: External 12-28 VDC source

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