Nerv Centr Sharepack

REVISION’S NERV CENTR SHAREPACK offers an innovative energy solution by integrating power provision and management capabilities into a lightweight, conformal unit. The intelligently designed SharePack can store, deliver, harvest and share power, lessening the weight burden by eliminating cabling and the need to carry spare batteries.

Offering flexibility, upgradable software and seamless plug-and-play, the system adapts to charge or provide power to a broad range of electronic devices and can be powered quickly by equipment such as a solar blanket or a vehicle. Combining multiple SharePacks creates a larger energy reserve to support power-hungry ground equipment.

The multi-functional LCD display provides real-time data on the battery capacity, details on connected equipment and available power.

Voltage Range: 12 – 17 V
Nominal voltage: 14,6 V
Configurable output: 9-36 V
Max continuous discharge: 5,25 A
Peak discharge: 15 A
Energy: 152 Wh
Connector(s): 2 x Glenair Mighty Mouse, 1 x USB A
State of charge indicator: Yes
Dimensions: 190 x 165 x 28 mm
Weight: 1125 g
Operating temp: -32 to +55 degrees C

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