The NervCentr SoloPack™ is the lightest weight MOTS rechargeable military battery currently in its class.  It has a small form factor and is compatible with existing kit such as NATO ammo pouches.

The rugged SoloPack is designed to plug-and-play, offering a high power density to power currently fielded equipment and reducing the weight burden of carrying spare batteries.


Voltage Range: 12 – 17 V
Nominal voltage: 14,6 V
Max continuous discharge: 5 A
Peak discharge: 15 A
Energy: 96 Wh
Connector(s): 1 x Glenair Mighty Mouse
State of charge indicator: Yes
Dimensions: 181 x 77 x 30 mm
Weight: 550 g
Operating temp: -32 to +55 degrees C

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