Batlskin Caiman

THE CAIMAN CARBON BUMP HELMET SYSTEM, is a streamlined, lightweight next-generation Special Forces helmet solution.

Explicitly designed for accessory and component integration, users can also up the protection level of the Caiman Carbon Bump system with a ballistic applique for varying threats and unpredictable scenarios. A series of modular accessories—including a Wilcox® Mount, a lean rail system, and an innovative multi-size pad and liner system—enhance this helmet suite, ensuring SOF operators are equipped with the lightest, most comfortable, and highest performance head protection possible.

Working directly with SOF operators, Revision built the Caiman Head System from the ground up, crafting a helmet solution designed for peak performance in high-intensity, volatile conditions— optimized for riverine, maritime, high-altitude, free-fall, and ground maneuvers. The result: an unconventional helmet system for unconventional missions.


  • Significantly exceeds 2200 ft/s (670 m/s), 1.1 g (17 gr) FSP
  • Stops NIJ IIIA level threats (9mm, 44 mag & .357 SIG) (NIJ 0106.01)
  • Meets U.S Army Standard for impact protection (CO/PD-05-04)
  • Full system weight (Medium size) is < 750g (Includes: Carbon Bump Shell, Wilcox L4 Shroud, Rails, Liner & Retention System)

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