Batlskin Viper P2

Revision’s lightweight BATLSKIN VIPER P2 HELMET,

built in the ACH shape and to exacting military specifications, uses advanced composite shell technology to achieve weight reduction while delivering advanced ballistic and impact protection with unsurpassed comfort for long-term use.

Employing innovative manufacturing processes, this helmet exceeds U.S. Army standards for Fragmentation and Resistance to Penetration. The Batlskin Viper P2 Helmet is the foundation for all Batlskin modular components, including the Front Mount, Mandible Guard & Visor. Helmets are available in a full range of cuts (full, mid and high), sizes (small to x-large) and colors (black, foliage green, olive green and tan 499).

They come standard with one NVG hole and the Modular Suspension System.


  • STANAG 2920 – exceeds 2460 ft/s (750 m/s), 1.1 g (17 gr) FSP
  • STANAG 2920 64 gr RCC – exceeds 1804 ft/s (550 m/s)
  • 9mm FMJ RTP Multi-hit (5 impact exceeds 1400 ft/s [427 m/s])
  • Stops NIJ IIIA level threats

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