Batlskin Cobra P2

The lightweight BATLSKIN COBRA P2 HELMET uses advanced shell technology to achieve weight reduction while increasing ballistic performance.

Full coverage design and rigid construction engineered to withstand blunt force, blast and ballistic threats.

The Batlskin Cobra P2 Helmet is the foundation for all Cobra modular components, including the Front Mount, Mandible Guard, Visor, Liner and Retention System.


  • STANAG 2920 – exceeds 730 m/s (2395 ft/s), 1.1 g (17 gr) FSP
  • STANAG 2920 64 gr RCC – exceeds 550 m/s (1804 ft/s)
  • 9mm FMJ RTP Multi-hit (5 impact exceeds 427 m/s [1400 ft/s])

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